Conditions for Using These Images(License 1: Public Domain)

This license is used when, to the best of Hiroshima University Library’s knowledge, the copyright of the image’s original source material has expired. While the copyright has expired, this is not to say that all Author’s rights have expired.

You can use these images as follows:

1. Image Browsing

You may browse the images freely.

2. The Duplication or Secondary Use of the Images

These images can be duplicated or used in accordance with Public Domain Mark 1.0, allowing for free use with no copyright restrictions. You do not need to apply for use before using these images.

However, in the interest of promoting publication etc. please comply with the following points.

  • You must not infringe upon the Author’s Rights that extend beyond the copyright term in each given jurisdiction (for example: you MUST keep in mind that in Japan, some Author’s Rights persist beyond the copyright expiration ). Take care to read the laws and policies of each jurisdiction that you plan to use a work in . Please also consider other general human and moral rights while using materials within the public domain license.
  • When you are engaging in the Secondary Use of a material from Hiroshima University Library, please indicate the source based upon the usual customs of the field you are working in.
    • Example: “花世姫”(Hiroshima University Library Collection)
    • Example: (If you have modified the material) “花世姫”(Hiroshima University Library Collection) Modified
  •  When you are engaging in the Secondary Use of a material, please report it with this form.
     Usage Report Form
    • ※When you send this form, you will not receive any confirmation of acceptance.
    • ※If you have any questions, please direct them here: Inquiry

If you would like to use other Valuable Materials at the library which are not included in the digital archive, please confirm the information on this page(Japanese language only.).


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